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What we can do for you as a chartered accountant

The yearly annual accounts and tax returns give most businessowners a headache. In stead of loosing valuable time, let us help you comply to all obligations in a correct way and limit the taxes payable as much as possible within the law.

Reconcile annual accounts

In the Netherlands every private limited company is obliged by law to prepare annual financial statements. The information that needs to be included is defined in legislation and depends on the size of your business and may vary per year.

Also you will need to publish financial statements with the Chamber of Commerce, the amount of information that needs to be published is less than the annual financial statements, again depending on the size of your company. Almost every small business will use the expertise of an accountant to comply to legislation.

As a chartered accountant we will issue a compilation report with your annual financial statements. This will give added value to users of your financial statements as they know a chartered accountant will comply to ethic rules, is expert in the field of administrative processing and financial reporting and carefully carries out his assignments.

A compilation report does not provide any degree of assurance that the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position and it's result as would be the case with an auditor's report or review report.

Prepare tax returns

No matter what legal business structure you have, every year the annual tax return has to be filed with the tax authorities. By using our expertise you can be assured that this is done correctly and you've maximized the use of fiscal facilities to reduce the amount of tax payable.

Audit and assurance

In the Netherlands small businesses are not required by law to have their annual financial statements audited. But sometimes an auditor's opinion can be required to obtain a loan or a subsidy.

In an auditor's report the accountant provides a reasonable assurance that the financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the organisation and it's result.

To support his opinion the accountant will carry out extensive procedures.

In a review report a limited level of assurance is expressed, which means less procedures will have to be carried out. Depending on the level of assurance the user requires, this can be a less costly option.  

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