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Ember accountancy aims to be more than the accountant who is paid to reconcile or audit the annual accounts and prepare the tax returns. Business owners often regard this as a compliance that only cost money. Added value can be found in many aspects, which will lead to a more profitable business, such as :

As accountants we have the knowledge to help our clients in improving their business and become a trusted advisor who is adding value to your business. The first consult is always free of charge, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Real Time


Business Growth & Planning

Starting A Business


Starting a new business you have a million and one things to think about. We therefore appreciate that practical issues often take precedence over accounting and financial matters in the early stages of your business.

Developing a growth plan for your business helps you to develop and grow your business in a sustainable way and differentiate your business from your competition.

Using an online bookkeeping program in a cloud you can see how your business is doing instantly on any device and manage your business on the go.

Lack of cash is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. Even though your business is making a profit you can run out of cash.


We understand that finding the right accountant can be a big help in running a successful business, but it’s not an easy task and can be costly as well.

One of the reasons to offer free consultations is to give small businesses and start-ups a chance to find out what we can do for them without a price tag attached.

Every business is unique, so to give you the best advise we like to get to know you and your business better to understand your requirements.

The initial free consultation is also a chance for you to get to know us and as we get to know your business we can already give you some free advise on opportunities we see to improve your business.

If you would like a free consultation call or e-mail us:

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Free Introductory Consultation

At Ember Accountancy we understand that every business is unique, therefore to give you the best advice we first need to understand your requirements. That's why we offer a free introductory consultation. To arrange an appointment call:    +31 (0)6 55 57 41 16

What is a free consultation? Why do we offer one to all new clients?