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Strengths:          What sets you apart from your competition, why do customers choose your business for a product or a service.

Weaknesses:      Where could you improve on client satisfaction. What are the strengths of your competition.

Opportunities:   Opportunities can be found in changes in technology, lifestyles, population profiles but also in your weaknesses

                          and strengths.

Threats:             Threats can be found in what your competition is doing, new technology and cash-flow problems. Even an

                          identified weakness could be threatening your business if not addressed.

Business Growth Planning

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Business Growth & Planning

A good start in developing a growth plan is making a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Next step in a growth plan can be determining where you want your business to be in a few years' time. Which direction you want to grow.

Growth can be achieved by creating new products, adding more services, targeting a new market, opening new locations or going global, among others.

Once you have established your growth objectives, you want to evaluate your team. By assessing your own skills and those of your employees, you can determine whether your growth objectives can be accomplished with your present team. In addition, you'll know when to start hiring additional people and what skill sets to look for in those new hires.

Last but not least you want to determine how much funding is needed to finance the growth and if needed where to find external funding. In determining this making a cash flow prognoses can be helpful.

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Expanding your business is an exciting time, your initial business plan has paid off, and you’re ready to grow. However, expanding your business can be risky, involving a lot of planning, cash flows and developing a growth strategy.

Let us help you developing a growth plan, so everything goes as planned and we’ll provide valuable advice and insights along the way.

Developing a growth plan for your business helps you to develop and grow your business in a sustainable way and differentiate your business from your competition. We wil help you develop a growth plan using these steps: