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Real Time Bookkeeping

Using an online bookkeeping program in a cloud you can see how your business is doing instantly on any device and manage your business on the go.

There are many providers to choose from, but we recommend Quickbooks Online. Even if you have no knowledge about bookkeeping, you will find it easy to use. A few features are:

Mobile App's

With the mobile app you can access your administration on the go and update your business activities instantly as they happen.

Send Invoices on-the-go

When you close a sale with a client, you can create an invoice on your smartphone or tablet, which can be e-mailed to your client automatically.

The QuickBooks online mobile app automatically stores the data in the cloud and syncs across your devices. Automatically the invoice is processed by QuickBooks into your administration as sales and receivable from your client.

Expense Tracking

Every time you have a company expense, you can record this in QuickBooks using the mobile app. You can even photograph and save receipts.

Bank Accounts

Connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks so it can download your transactions. Categorize transactions and add them to QuickBooks, so QuickBooks can start doing the work for you.

Business Reports

QuickBooks automatically generates a range of reports to monitor and manage your business. All reports can be customized to your needs.

Using an online bookkeeping program not only enables you to manage your business based on real time information, but will save you money on your accountant bills as well.

For more information on QuickBooks Online click here.

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