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Starting a Business

How high are your taxes

As you're starting your business, it's easy to spend whatever you have on your bankaccount on your business or on yourself. But when the calender year ends, you will have to pay your taxes. Especially for sole proprietor businesses this can mount up. So let us help you to make a good estimate of what percentage of your profits needs to be set aside for tax payments.

Many people dream about starting their own business, yet only a small number actually does it. Unfortunately too many starting businesses fail within the first years.

Deciding on whether to start your own business can be overwhelming and without proper preparation you might fall in to the many pitfalls.


Find out what similar products or services are already out there, how is yours different and is there a demand for it.

Business model

A business model is like a roadmap on how to achieve your goals by identifying the key building blocks of your business. Simply said: how will you generate profit. With our support we get you a better start.

Will you need extra funding

Most starting businesses go bust because of a lack of money. How much money will you need to start your business, when will money start coming in and will you need more later on to make your business grow.

Delegate tasks

A common mistake is trying to do everything yourself to save money. You will actually loose money. Paying an expert who can perform certain tasks in 1 hour, that would take you 5 hours, gives you a lot more time to focus on your core business and increase your sales.

Research the market for your pricing

If customers believe your prices are too high they will probably buy from one of your competitors. If they think your prices are too low they may question the quality of your product or service and buy elsewhere.

Business structure

Whether you choose for a sole proprietor ship or a private limited company can have great impact on the taxes you will have to pay, but also the initial and yearly costs vary and often the difference in (personal) liabilities is overlooked. We can give you a personal advise.

Insurance and pension

You're no longer covered by your employer for business risks or loss of income due to (temporary) inability to work. Business risks depend on the type of your business. Think of professional and product liability insurance, property and inventory insurance. Also you will need to consider how to save up for your pension. There are many options and expertise advise is strongly recommended.

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